Shree Divyanand Herbal Research Centre (SDHRC)

Industry Academia Collaboration Program IACP

Coordinator ,
Dr. kapilesh Dave
With IACP initiative, we aimed to promote research in the fields of herbal medication with commercial values.
Academic institutions / University departments of pharmacy / medical / Ayush and other allied fields are invited with their proposal to get associated with this program. Please write us at

Journal of Research in Natural Ingredients JRNI

Mrs. Babita Bhatt
JRNI will serve as platform for researchers in the field of herbal medicines and natural ingredients.
Our Aim is to provide global platform for students, academician, and industry personals for sharing their innovative ideas, research findings and views at one platform. Please visit

Research Fellowship Program RFP

Coordinator ,
Dr. Kapilesh Dave
To foster innovation in herbal research we decided to contribute fellowship to selected deserving students and research fellows from the field of Pharmacy / Medical / Ayush and other allied sciences. Interested candidate may apply twice in a year for fellowship (June & December). For more details please write us at

Farmer Empowerment Program FEP

Mr. Vikas Jain
Role of farmers is very imported to strengthen the field of natural medicine. Our team of agriculture expert will train and motivate farmers to adopt farming of medicinal plants. We invite all NGO’s who are working for empowerment of farmers to get associated with this great initiative. For more details please write us at

Social Welfare Program SWP

Coordinator ,
Mrs. Babita Bhatt
Social awareness for herbal medicine is demand of time now. After COVID pandemic every one realizes to approach nature for healthy life. With our social welfare program we put efforts to herbalize the humanity. We run our programs in schools, hospitals, old age homes and other community platforms. For more details about our activities and forthcoming schedules